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Adapting to Adaptations: A Look at the Relationship between Book and Film

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The quality of film adaptations varies as much as the quality of original films, so comparing the film to the novel to determine “which is better” does not give the student a valid topic for writing a good essay.

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17 Books Coming to TV and Film in 2019

Share This is such a slap in the face to cinema and you should be teaching your students how to appreciate film, adaptation and forward thinking rather than tearing apart movies and books by comparing them in.

Apr 10,  · I’ve appreciated Kazuo Ishiguro’s openness regarding the creative process during the film adaptation of his book Never Let Me Go.

According to a TIME magazine article, Ishiguro said to Alex Garland, the screenwriter: Your only duty is to write a really good screenplay with the same title as my book.

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