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Star of the Sea as Historiographic Metafiction - Essay Example

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Star of the Sea as Historiographic Metafiction - Essay Example

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Historiographic Metafiction

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Postmodern literature

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Historiographic Metafiction

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Evidence of Historiographic Metafiction in "Middle Passage" By Charles Johnson Middle Passage is a novel written in by Charles Johnson about an American slave ship’s final voyage.

Historiographic metafiction, therefore, represents a challenging of the (related) conventional forms of fiction and history through its acknowledgment of their inescapable textuality. As Barthes once remarked, Bouvard and Pecuchet become the ideal precursors of the postmodernist writer who “can only imitate a gesture that is always anterior.

Historiographic metafiction is an offshoot of postmodern art form. The term historiographic metafiction was coined by Linda Hutcheon in her book A Poetics of Postmodernism: History, Theory, Fiction.

Throughout the course of your studies, you may be asked to write a historiographical essay. Concerning itself mainly with secondary sources, a historiographical essay discusses the body of research, debate and discussion on a particular historical topic.

If you are at a loss, here are some tips to get you started. HISTORIOGRAPHIC METAFICTION: “THE PASTIME OF PAST TIME” By Linda Hutcheon Historiographic metafiction is a study of Linda Hutcheon which contests the boundaries between fiction and history. Issues between the two were analyzed using several novels most of which she labeled as belonging to Historiographic metafiction.

Free Essay: Historiographic Metafiction in The Wars The writing of history has consistently been under heavy scrutiny, however it is justifiable.


Historiographic metafiction essay
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