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Mooon Café Robinsons Place Dumaguete

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Mooon Café Robinsons Place Dumaguete. Mooon Café in Robinsons Place Dumaguete is a Mexican-inspired restaurant here in Dumaguete City. We placed it in the international category because it is at present with the smaller choice of Mexican food at Casablanca Restaurant about as close one can get to original in Dumaguete.

It is located at the al fresco dining area of Robinsons Place Dumaguete. Home Essays Mooon Cafe. Mooon Cafe. Topics: Mexican cuisine, Mooon Cafe is a new and exciting Restaurant with a Mexican theme and varied menu.

Offerings include Mexican, American, European and Filipino dishes. Everything from appetizer to full meals is moderate price. Be in-the-know about Blue Moon Grill news, events, and specials: About Us The Chiuchiolo Family welcomes you to our kitchen for our Famous Breakfast and Homemade Lunch &.

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Mooon cafe essay
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